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Projects, Initiatives and Events Need Volunteers
Museum on the Green & Welles-Shipman-Ward House

1. Fall Fifth Grade Tours
Volunteer Docents Needed to Keep this Unique Learning Experience Running
  One of the many services the Historical Society of Glastonbury gives back to the Town of Glastonbury is colonial based tours for the entire fifth grade student body. Volunteer docents are needed to make these tours come to life. The Board of Education spent a great deal of time, and some of our tax dollars, putting together a team of fifth grade teachers who wrote a historical tour consisting of eight real life colonial stations throughout one of our local house museums. Each station, which includes barn activities, rope making, kitchen activities, textile activities, and chores, reflect a task of something that might have been done by a child in colonial times. The interactive educational tours are given at the Historical Society’s 1755 Connecticut River Valley Mansion: The Welles-Shipman-Ward House. Each tour lasts about three hours and takes place on a school day morning. There are 26 fifth grade classes in town, which make for 13 tours over a four week period mid-October thru Thanksgiving. As the children move through the eight stations they’ll experience studying American History through the unique lens of history in our own backyard. They’ll experience a chance to haul water and firewood, grind spices with a mortar and pestle, card wool, lift bags of “grain” via a pulley system in one of the barns, and see what they would look like dressed in the garb of a colonial child. 
   This collaboration between the Historical Society and Glastonbury Board of Education only comes to life through the effort of our volunteer docents, which we are in need of. Each of the 13 tours requires 9-10 docents. You certainly don’t have to work all 13 tour days, but are more than welcome to. As a docent, you can learn one or more of the various stations and are welcome to borrow a costume for the day, if you’d like. We need your donation of time and enthusiasm to make this happen for our fifth graders. It’s fun and you’ll get to experience colonial life hands on. Docent training will take place Saturday, October 5th at The Welles-Shipman-Ward House. If you attend the training session and do at least two days' tours, you will be eligible for a docent card. Docent cards will give you reduced or free admission at a number of historic museums, landmarks, seaports, and villages throughout the state. Please call the Historical Society of Glastonbury for more information on being a fifth grade tour docent and to sign up: 860-633-6890 or

2. Researchers: The Society needs people to research the dates and original builders of homes in Glastonbury for those purchasing plaques for their historic homes. Training will be provided. Anyone interested please call Jim at 860-633-6890.

3. Marketing Help Needed:  If you have expertise with managing websites, Facebook, InDesign, MS Publisher, or have other publishing and print skills and/or would like to help distribute flyers around town for upcoming events please call 860-633-6890 or email

4. Library Assistants: Phyllis Reed our Librarian is seeking volunteers to catalog, copy and file existing files concerning the history of Glastonbury at the Museum on the Green. Any amount of time given would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested please call Phyllis Mondays 10 AM – 4 PM at 860-633-6890.

5. Museum on the Green - Sundays: Because so many people who want to visit the Museum on the Green either work or go to school during our regular hours Monday & Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM we open the Museum the third Sunday of each month, from 1:00- 4:00 PM. We already have some excellent volunteers for these openings but we need more. Anyone interested in manning the Museum on the Sundays mentioned please call Jim at the Museum 860-633-6890.

6. Curatorial & Library:  Both Curatorial and Library have data entry needs, cataloging our collections into a database known as "PastPerfect". We will teach you the system. It is easy, and this process enables students, family genealogists, researchers and the history loving public access our collections (objects, books, manuscripts, maps etc.).
The Welles-Shipman-Ward House
The Welles-Shipman-Ward House
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